Talks & Presentations


Previous Presentations

  • Long-term tillage and straw effects on the diversity and density of soil mesofauna in a Black Chernozemic and Gray Luvisolic soil.
    Alberta Soil Science Workshop,
    February 16-18, 2010, Lethbridge, AB.
  • Soil mesofauna communities associated with LFH development on reclaimed peat-mineral cover soils.
    CONRAD Environmental Reclamation Research Group Symposium,
    January 25-26, 2010, Edmonton, AB.
  • Influence of LFH placement on soil microarthropod community structure on reclaimed oil sand soils.
    CONRAD Environmental Reclamation Research Groups Symposium,
    January 28-29, 2008. Edmonton, AB.
  • Soil arthropod fauna from natural ecosites and reclaimed oil sands soils in northern Alberta II: Expanding the dataset.
    Alberta Soil Science Workshop,
    February 20-22, 2007. Calgary, AB.
  • Using soil fauna to evaluate LFH placement for enhancing reclaimed landscapes in boreal forests.
    Alberta Soil Science Workshop,
    February 21-23, 2006. Edmonton, AB.
  • Oribatid mite fauna of central British Columbia “Impact of harvesting and soil compaction on abundance and diversity 10 years later.
    Joint meeting of the Entomological Society of Alberta and Canada,
    November 3-5, 2005. Canmore, AB.
  • Soil Fauna in Reclaimed and Natural Oil Sands Soils in Northern Alberta.
    Soil Ecology Society Conference,
    May 22-25, 2005. Argonne National Laboratory, IL
  • Soil fauna in Riparian zone soils.
    Bow River Basin Council Eductional Forum,
    March 9, 2004. Calgary, AB
  • Soil fauna from natural and reclaimed oil sand soils of northern Alberta.
    Alberta Soil Science Workshop,
    February 15-16, 2004. Calgary, AB.
  • Production systems that enhance soil biodiversity: Exploring the world beneath your feet.
    Value of biodiversity in Agriculture Conference. Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Program (AESA)
    March 2-3, 2004. Leduc , AB.
  • Short-term changes to oribatid mite abundance and diversity in central British Columbia after harvesting and soil compaction.
    Western Forest Insect Work Conference.
    April 23-25, 2002. Whitefish, MT.