Oribatid Catalogue

Oribatid Catalogue


by Val Behan-Pelletier, Bev Hymes, Barb Eamer,
Keren Rabin and Lisa Bartels

Consists of scanned illustrations and/or descriptions for each described species of Brachychthoniidae, Gustavioidea, Oppioidea, Phenopelopoidea, Achipterioidea, Oribatelloidea, Oripodoidea and Galumnoidea (426 species in total) indicated as occurring in continental USA and Canada in the Catalogue of Oribatida (Marshall et al. 1997).

I have created a PDF version of this material with bookmarks and a linked table of contents. The size of the file is 124 MB.

We have created a digitized version of Marshall, V.G., R. M. Reeves and R. A. Norton, 1987. Catalogue of the Oribatida of continental U.S.A. and Canada. Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada, 139: 418pp.
Jeff Battigelli and Valerie Behan-Pelletier did the scanning, editing and PDF formatting .
Two formats of this document are available.
The MSWORD version (~2.8 MB) has all the cohort, superfamily, family, genus and references modified into headings, making them easier to find using CTRL+F. The original table of contents are hotlinked to the text (just click and go!). I’ve added another table of contents with just family and genus names that are hotlinked to the text.
The PDF version is smaller (~1.8 MB) and has bookmarks for all the cohort, superfamily, family, genus and references. So all you need do is click on the one you want when you’re there.

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