About Earthworks

About Earthworks

Earthworks Research Group was established in 1996 to provide expertise in identification of terrestrial invertebrates and is dedicated to understanding their diversity, ecology, and biology.

Taxonomy is essential to ecology (Behan-Pelletier 1991). However, there are few active experts in North America to provide this service and even fewer in Canada (Marshall et al. 1984).

Potential use of this fauna as biological indicators, biological control agents and as tools in soil formation, reclamation and ecosystem management is impaired by the lack of specialists for many terrestrial invertebrate groups .

Combined with the large number of undescribed species, and limited information on the diversity, life history and distribution of these organisms, there is a significant advantage in utilizing the skill sets represented by Earthworks Research Group’s association of professionals.

Collembola (springtails) feeding on the underside of an Amanita mushroom
from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Photo by S. Berch